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(Frequently Asked Questions ...and answers!)

Question: What is the EasyCard.gr Reminder System?
Answer: It is a FREE service offered to all Greeks around the world, although everyone is welcome! It provides a name-day / significant-date / full-moon Calendar, plus a reminder e-mail generator engine. Significant-date and church Calendar is related to Greece and Greek people customs. Reminder System users build their personal Calendars by setting up reminders on dates for which they need a reminder. Then, they receive reminder e-mails, on the exact date they want to be reminded of any pending tasks.
Question: Privacy Policy. Why should I provide my personal info?
Answer: Your Name is used by the system in every interaction with you. You can provide your real name, or a nickname if you like.
Your E-mail Address is used by the system to send you all reminder e-mails, you set. Make sure it is correct, otherwise the system would not be able to send you reminders.
Password is needed, because only you would have access to your personal Calendar. Only you would have access to the reminders you create.
Language Preference sets the language in which you wish to use the Reminder System.
Time Zone is needed in order for Full Moon dates to be correctly calculated by the Reminder System.
We do not provide or sell our users' e-mails or any of their personal info, to any third person, company or organization.
Question: What is the Time Zone and why is it needed?
Answer: The Time Zone declares the time zone of the area you live in. It is defined as a number of how many hours it differs from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In Greece we are at GMT+2:00 which says that we are two hours ahead of GMT. Full Moon happens at certain GMTs, at certain dates. Therefore, at parts of the world with great hour difference from GMT, Full Moon may happen in the previous, or even the next date. The Reminder System uses the Time Zone of you area, to correctly indicate Full Moon dates on your personal Calendar. Please choose the correct Time Zone of your area. If you are an MS Windows user, you can be assisted by choosing the same setting with the one found in Time Zone of the Date/Time applet in the Control Panel.
Question: What are the advantages if I login as a Guest?
Answer: None! The EasyCard.gr Reminder System is a free service, designed to make people's life easier. We encourage you to login as a regular user, and so become able to utilize its full potential!
Question: What are the disadvantages if I login as a Guest?
Answer: A lot! When logged in as a Guest, you are not able to set any reminders to be sent to you. Also, you are not able to see the Calendar event details, nor to search them through. Moreover, you cannot select your viewing language. When logged in as a Guest, you can only view the Calendar month view, with no full-moons noted.
Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: You can send e-mail to the webmaster. Any comments and suggestions are welcome!

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